If you ask most New Jersey residents they can recite about a dozen restaurants or pizza places they would recommend for you to try.

When looking at some of the places Food Network has been, I say of course they'd find our state a gold mine. Right off the bat I see favorites like Dolce & Clemente's or The Vincentown Diner. Down the shore there's the legendary Anchorage Tavern and Restaurant or The Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Co. both in Somers Point. Or the Oyster Creek Inn which is and the end of a dirt road that leads to the bay. Great rustic atmosphere and even better seafood.

I think I've seen just about every episode that's featured a New Jersey restaurant. It seems they're always featuring some joint that's way out of the way in another state but you'd be amazed at how many they've actually featured here in New Jersey. You can find the whole list and check out the episodes of your favorites right here. Maybe when the state opens up more and allows indoor dining, you can make it a "to do" list to get to all of them.
The sheer diversity of ethnic and specialty foods available in New Jersey probably rivals any other heavily concentrated spot in the country, maybe even the world.

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