Brace yourselves for the boom.

Sources report that if you live anywhere near the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military base, you should prepare yourself for a lot of noise this week. reports that the base will be conducting several drills that may disturb some neighbors. Guess that means all the doggos sensitive to boom booms might need some extra love and attention over the next few days.

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Such weapons like howitzers and mortars will be fired over the next few days, so people that live nearby are being told to not be alarmed. It's all routine drills and nothing to worry about. Truth be told, if you live on or near a military base, you're probably used to it.

The base is sending out alerts, says, to try and thwart calls to emergency personnel. No doubt, 9-1-1 will still be dialed a time or two, but hopefully, the more people in the know, the less of an influx of concerned citizens dispatchers will have.

Luckily for residents nearby, the joint base apparently posts a noise calendar that alerts civilians as to when they can expect more clatter than usual. You can check out the one that posted HERE.

The drills were scheduled to have started Friday, November 19th and are set to continue through Tuesday, November 23rd. At least they'll be done in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!


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