A destination on many people's bucket list is the Netherlands to see the tulips. Flights to Holland alone cost well over $600 round trip. Here in New Jersey, we have a much cheaper alternative. You can enjoy "Holland tulips" right in Cream Ridge.

Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge pride themselves on giving visitors the experience of the tulips in Holland, without that hefty price tag. The website boasts, "Holland Ridge Farms knows how to grow tulips. Fourth generation tulip growers from Holland, with the youngest Jansen always helping in the fields."

If you were wondering just how many tulips you can expect to see at the farm, millions. The Jansen family states, "We tripled our bulb count this year with millions of tulips in 2019."

To really drive home the Holland in New Jersey effect, they have a giant wooden shoe to take photos in and a "HollandShop" for souvenirs. The farm also allows you to pick your own basket of tulips.

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