You hear it all the time: don't believe everything you see, hear and read!

(Well, except for this.)

In these days of social media, anyone can post anything with little fear of retribution - whether what they post is actually true or not.

North Wildwood Police have stepped forward to say that a story about a supposed incident that happened in the Wildwoods is not true. The reported attack simply did not happen and the photos of the suspects are false.

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North Wildwood Police say the "post that is circulating on social media is not true. It is unknown where the post came from but this incident did not happen in the Wildwoods and the island police departments are not looking for these subjects." The post goes so far as saying that a "single mom" was attacked with a knife and was left "struggling for life."

There are also two photos that accompany the fake story, but it's not known who the men are is not the photographs.

Facebook - North Wildwood Police Department
Facebook - North Wildwood Police Department

Again, North Wildwood Police stress that the story is not true.

SOURCE: North Wildwood Police Department.

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