Even though I'm not a big fan of the dog days of August, I try not to complain too much because before you know it, the frigid, dark days of winter will be here.

So, what's the deal with this coming winter in South Jersey? Will we be in shorts or will we be grabbing shovels?

The Farmers' Almanac is out with their winter predictions (November 2017 - March 2018). According to long range predictions (keep in mind this is long range), South Jersey is in for a colder-than-normal and snowy winter. We could be in the mix for up to five winter storms with major accumulations in 2018. Five!

I get the chills just thinking about the possibility of heavy snow this winter. I have to remind myself it's only a possibility, and anything can happen during the winter here in Jersey.

I would be thrilled if we had a bit of snow, say maybe three inches, just enough to have a white Christmas, but other than that I'm rooting for a no snow winter! How about you?


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