A very sad and completely unnecessary chapter involving the Absecon City Council and a 40-plus year veteran of the Absecon Volunteer Fire Department has come to a close.

We have learned that following a four hour hearing today, Dale Conover has resigned as Deputy Chief. effective immediately.

We have also confirmed that Conover will continue to serve as an Absecon City volunteer firefighter.

Conover’s attorney has counseled him not to publicly comment at this time.

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A well placed source close to Conover told us that he is deeply upset with this resolution, but, just couldn’t compete against the “deep pockets” of the Absecon government.

Conover also wanted to put all of this behind him, as it had been going on and escalating for many months.

Conover is permitted to run for his former leadership position in 2023.

There are undisclosed requirements relative to Conover and posting certain content on social media platforms.

Conover has been the subject of an indefinite suspension, along with pending Arbitration that was previously ordered by the Absecon City Counsel.

Conover’s resignation from his leadership position, now effectively ends all of the previous stipulations.

The matter is now resolved.

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Sources have advised that Conover wants to “let the dust settle.”

However, Conover is entitled to present his grievance to the full membership of the Absecon volunteer fire department if he decides to do so.

Conover’s next steps are unknown at this time, however, he accepts the results of today’s hearing which required him to resign his leadership position as deputy chief.


Thursday, June 30, 2022

I have been advised that the Absecon City Solicitor has asked Dale Conover to make the following public statement:

"Just to clarify the information that was in your story yesterday was from a Family member. Just to make it clear, I was not forced to resign as Deputy Chief. This
was something I and the City mutually agreed upon. Thank You for allowing me to make this brief statement.”

I find this to be an abusive requirement, but, Conover has been put through enough, so I have added his public statement to this article as per his request.

Our article made it clear that Dale Conover was not our source and we never wrote that Conover was forced to resign.

The Absecon City government’s conduct throughout this matter has been a public disgrace.

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