If you dream about having an apocalypse bunker? Do you envy preppers? If you said yes to those or actually consider yourself a prepper and have a bunker, you might want to check out Philadelphia's own post-apocalyptic themed restaurant. Mad Rex on Frankford Ave isn't just a restaurant it's an entire experience complete with a virtual reality lounge.

Their Facebook page describes the restaurant and lounge as, "...[A] meeting place, dining haven, and watering hole for survivors. It is the world's first Vigilante Post, a sanctuary where The Art of Food meets The Art of Survival...It is also a symbol of strength, inspiring survivors to build Vigilante Posts in their own homelands."

The VR lounge has a variety of options for guests to experience, seated VR experiences and interactive fully-immersive. Mad Rex also offers private chambers with lockers, nine thrones, and drinks served in IV bags.

Not only does the restaurant boast about the experience, but they are also proud of their food:

Our menu features a Modern American cuisine based around classic world techniques with new and old-world flavors. The focus is on high-quality locally sourced ingredients...

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