Tomorrow is September 11th. This day will forever haunt Americans. We can recall exactly where we were, what we were doing, even probably what we were wearing upon hearing the news that airplanes struck the World Trade Center, forever changing the country as we know it.

What's still terrifying about this type of attack is how it changed the way the entire world approaches the threat of terrorism as a whole. September 11th was the first attack of its kind, thus changing the military framework of defensive strategic planning in regards to homeland security.

Although the events of that day are forever ingrained in your mind, there are five key facts to remember about 9/11 as we approach the 17 year anniversary:

Source: USA Today


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    The US Government Was Warned About The Attacks

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    Flight United 93's Passengers Knew About the World Trade Center Attacks

    Passengers on flight United 93 were nothing short of heroes on 9/11. They overcame the hijackers and saved the country from yet another attack on one of our most important landmarks.

    Some analysts say that these heroic actions might not have been possible if it weren't for the passengers receiving word about the attacks on the Twin Towers before their plane took off. Horrible to have to say it, but it's true: these passengers knew what they were walking into once they realized what was happening on their own flight, and they became heroes because of it. We are forever in their debt.

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    The World Trade Center Was Frequently Targeted

    September 11, 2001 wasn't the first time an attack was attempted on the Twin Towers. In the early 90s, a bomb in a parking garage at the bottom of the Towers proved to be a terrorist attack.

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    Over 1,000 Families Still Have No Confirmation of Death

    Even 17 years later, about 50%  of families that suffered the loss of a loved one still have no physical confirmation of death. Imagine not having any part of your loved one after a tragedy like that. Every year that passes serves as a reminder of what they're missing.

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    Passengers Aboard All Planes Provided Key Info

    If it weren't for passengers calling loved ones and providing them with critical information only they would know, authorities would be in the dark. The phone calls made by passengers to family members expressing their last goodbyes provided law enforcement specific details about each hijacking they wouldn't have otherwise discovered.

    They're all heroes and we remember them today and always.

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