It is hard to believe it has been 21 years since the September 11th attacks.  For younger people in our country, 9/11 is not an experience that they lived through, but one they have learned. For those of us who are old enough, none of us will forget that day.  It is a moment frozen in time.  We know exactly where we were and what we were doing when we found out about it.

My son was only a year old. I remember fearing for him and the world he would be inheriting and crying every time I saw those horrific images. In honor of those we lost and the brave first responders who gave so much, we must always remember. The 911 Memorial Museum asks us to share our thoughts and tributes on their website. We also take part by snapping a picture of the sky today and posting it on instagram with the tag @911memorial.  This observance recalls the bright blue sky of that morning and how we are all connected to one another underneath the same big sky.  Be sure to use the hashtags neverforget911 and remember the sky. For more on what you can do to observe this day, visit


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