Police in Cape May County responded to a 9-1-1 call about a person falling into a lake.

Middle Township Police say they received the call just after 1pm on Thursday. Police say the caller reported that "someone fell into a lake" in the area of Indian Trail Road and needed help. The caller then hung up, before any more information could be taken. Police say they were unable to reach the caller again.

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Police officers responded and say, "An extensive search was conducted of the area near Indian Trail Road, as well as all other bodies of water located from Indian Trail south through Green Creek.  The search did not locate anyone in distress or any signs of distress."

A number of law enforcement agencies responded to the area to participate in the search. A helicopter was also used, thanks to Cape May County Mosquito Commission.

Police say the matter is an open investigation, and anyone with any information on the matter is asked to contact Middle Township Police.

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SOURCE: Middle Township Police Department.

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