Ever attend a Halloween party and leave so impressed by the entire presentation? The decor was perfect, the host's costume was original, and the food was, of course, to die for?

That could easily be you! Bingeing on Halloween candy's great and all, but when you're hosting your own shindig, you want to get a little more fancy. These four Halloween treats will make your party or even the kids' school celebration a hit!

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    Dark Candy Apple

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    Strawberry Ghouls

    Super easy and super cute, these strawberry ghostly ghouls are both healthy and delicious (if you're not counted the melted chocolate, lol!).

    You can either go with white or regular chocolate. Seriously though, who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries? Whichever chocolate you choose, make sure to choose the eye color accordingly.

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    Halloween Marshmallow Pops

    All you need is a bag of candy melts, some big marshmallows, and sprinkles of your choice (preferably Halloween colors, obviously). For the sticks, you can either grab some twigs from your hard and wash them off, or purchase some cool Halloween-themed stabbers from the store.

    Voilà, a quick and easy Halloween treat!

  • 4

    S'mores Apples

    While we're on the topic of marshmallows...

    How about some triple-dipped s'mores apples? Yes, candy-dipped apples are already included on this list, but these are on a whole different level!

    These apples have a layer of chocolate, marshmallow, AND graham crackers on top of a delicious granny smith apple! These would be awesome all the way up to Thanksgiving!

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