Did you know that 175 million Americans participate in various Halloween activities every year?

USA Today published a video via Youtube that shows the breakdown of America's spending habits in regards to Halloween. Guess just how much is spent on America's spookiest holiday?

This year, it's expected to hit a whopping $9 billion. You read that correctly: NINE BILLION DOLLARS.

Even though that's a lot of money for ANY holiday, you'd expect that for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but Halloween? Yup. Over 2 billion of that goes to candy alone. WOW.

Consumers aren't only spending money on their kids holiday fun, either! The video reports that an estimated 20% of the total spend will be on Halloween costumes for pets.

Never in a million years would anyone expect that much money to be generated for Halloween, but it makes sense. After all, the average adult costume alone can run someone anywhere from $30 to even $100.

With all that being said, if you're spending quite a bit this Halloween season, at least you know it's sure to be a good one!

Watch the video below!

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