Get ready, South Jersey, because Stockton University might be responsible for a bright spotlight that's cast upon us pretty soon.

It'll be in the form of accolades for a brand-new television show that's about to be released in April 2023. According to a press release, the show is the brainchild of Professor Donnetrice Allison who thought it'd be a great idea to depict what it's like for a young black professor to be teaching for the first time in a predominantly white institution.

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Personally, I think the show sounds fantastic. The comedy found within certain situations in the show like the professor being set-up with the basketball coach, a.k.a one of the only other persons of color on campus, sounds like it will make for a show that's equal parts humorous and cringeworthy all at the same time.

The story will be set around a young professor named Shayna Black who is just trying to find her way in a new position all while living her life in her twenties. Black's a millennial, so this should hysterical if she has to lightly provide the older generation with a few lessons or two along the way. No doubt, Allison's written a storyline or two with Black finding herself in some precarious situations.

The very first local public screening of "Teaching While Black" will take place Friday, April 14th at Stockton University's Atlantic City campus in the John F. Scarpa Academic Center. The screening is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Check out the trailer for "Teaching While Black" below:

The information above was provided by Stockton University via press release.

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