While gas is still in the $2.10s and $2.20s across the Atlantic City area, at least two gas stations in Ocean County are now selling gas for under $2.00 per gallon.

To say that gas prices have tumbled over the past five months is a huge and obvious understatement. Back around the 4th of July, drivers here in the Garden State were paying about $3.50 per gallon. In August, some experts started to predict that gas prices would fall by the end of the year as we were still paying over $3.00/gallon. Just before Halloween, gas prices in our area were running around $2.90. Now, drivers in some parts of South Jersey are getting gas for under two bucks a gallon.

Gasbuddy.com reports there are two stations in Ocean County -- one in Brick and one in Lakewood -- that are pumping regular unleaded at $1.95/gallon. At that price, an average pick-up truck can fill-up for around $51.00!