Losing a pet is always so devastating.

It's one thing to see an animal wandering the streets only to find out later that they come from really awful and irresponsible owners. It's another situation entirely that tugs fiercely at the heartstrings when you come across a cat or dog that you can tell is very well taken care of, but must've just escaped their yard or something.

That's most likely what happened with one of the most recent dog sightings in Egg Harbor Township.

An absolutely beautiful German Shepherd dog was seen wandering the streets near Mill Road and Delaware Avenue within the township. According to the person who shared his picture to Facebook, he seems to have a decent home life. His owners must be so worried about him. Luckily, the person who spotted him did snap a picture and wound up sharing it to a few locally-based Facebook groups in the hopes of locating the pup's owners.

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The woman who found him in her yard did call animal control and is hoping that reunification will happen sooner rather than later.

The more people that get their eyes on this beautiful boy, the better. You can check out what the woman who found him shared to Facebook below.


If you read the comments within the post, many people have stated that he looks strikingly similar to a dog that's been spotted on Tremont Avenue a few times. No telling whether or not they are one in the same, though. The woman who found this dog did say that he was a really well-demeanored pup, so no doubt someone will claim him soon.

Make sure you share this so we can get this guy back home ASAP!

Source: Facebook

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