Tragedy struck a township in Gloucester County last weekend when two twenty-somethings went missing after a boat outing on Saturday, November 13th.

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Two men from Deptford Township were reported missing after they met trouble while out on the Delaware River. Reportedly, they were met with some pretty rough currents which led to their boat flipping. One person was rescued after the incident by a nearby boat, but 24-year-old Joseph McLoughlin and 26-year-old Brian Palangi still haven't been found.

You can read on Palangi's GoFundMe page that Camren Allen, the friend who created that  fundraiser, claimed that Palangi has passed. Sources do report that the mission to find the two missing Deptford men has transitioned from a rescue mission to one of recovery. Proceeds from Palangi's GoFundMe will go to his family. He leaves behind a 9-year-old daughter.

24-year-old Joseph McLoughlin is described to be a young man who loved to make the most out of life. The creator of his GoFundMe says that he was an incredibly active individual, loving anything motorized. says both of the men were family oriented. Both GoFundMe creators expressed how much each of these young men will be missed by all those they've left behind. To see where to contribute to each of their GoFundMe pages, click HERE.


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