By now, you've seen the videos circling the internet about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Despite people complaining that the phenomena has taken over their news feeds, it's done a lot of good for ALS, both in raising awareness and much needed funding.

But where do we, as a society, take it too far? A grandfather in Texas is in cold water over taking the challenge and including his 10-month-old grandchild. People all over the country are up in arms over this story, including the little girl's father.

Did this man take the challenge too far? Is it child abuse/endangerment? Or is it not a big deal?

I'm not a parent in the traditional sense. I'm a step parent and Lani didn't come into my life until she was 11, so I don't have any direct experience. With that being said, I decided to film a co-worker of mine who is the parent of three small children to get his take on the video which has since been taken down. I think his reaction says it all.

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