I'll admit it.  I enjoy hanging out with my dogs.  We often read about great places to bring our spouse or our kids, but what about our 4-legged kids?  This time of year, there are actually some really cool places to bring your best friend.

If you travel up the parkway a bit to Asbury Park, there's a place called Hot Sand Glass Studio.  They will make a beautiful impression of your pup's paw print.  Hmmm, perhaps we can get a side-by-side print of his paw and my hand...

This is a great time of the year to take your buddy to the beach.  Beach Haven gets particularly high marks from decerning doggies.  If you go, keep in mind that dogs must be leashed at all times.  As nice as my boys are, they get freaked out when a strange dog comes charging at them from across the beach.  It can make for a very uncomfortable, or even dangerous situation.  My advice?  Bring a retractable leash and avoid the headache.  Always remember to clean up after your buddy.  Oh, and you don't need a beach badge!  The beaches are open to our fur babies until May.

Photo by Kojirou Sasaki on Unsplash
Photo by Kojirou Sasaki on Unsplash

Another way for you and your pal to hang out and improve your fitness is a walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.  As with the other locations mentioned, this is a fall/winter kind of activity.  You must keep your dog leashed, and clean up any messes.  You get a cool breeze and the smell of the beach, without your pups tracking sand everywhere.  Oh, in case you were wondering, while several hotels allow you to bring your dog for a stay in their hotel, I couldn't find any that would actually allow them on the casino floor.

For something different, you can take part in wine-tasting activities at the Cape May Winery.  They have many tasting options available and are open daily, and yes, you can bring your pup to the outdoor area.  Keep in mind that your dog's choices are limited to Eau de Water Tap, but what a great way to meet other dog people.

If wine isn't your thing, then you might want to try Pinelands Brewing Co. in Little Egg Harbor.  They've got an impressive selection of craft beers that is sure to impress.  They welcome well-behaved dogs, and your pup will get a bowl of hand-crafted water.

A final thought, it's a good idea to call these establishments before heading out.  Policies can and do change, and it can save you headaches.

If you have a location you want to share, I want to hear from you:  Steve.Mckay@townsquaremedia.com

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