Here is a photo gallery and information about 17 South Jersey missing persons cases.

How Long Have These People Been Missing?

The 17 people featured in this South Jersey Missing Persons gallery have disappeared sometime over the last 60 years. One man, William Jones, Jr., vanished out of his backyard in Vineland in 1962 when he was two years old. There are several people included who disappeared much more recently - in the last year or two.

Are These Cases "Active Investigations"?

I would imagine that several of the cases are still being investigated. All of the cases would technically still be open if new evidence becomes available.

What Do These Missing person Cases Have in Common?

After looking at the information concerning these people online, the first thing I think they have in common is family or friends who are still looking for them. Many of the cases have their own dedicated Facebook pages started by a grieving loved one. It is extremely sad.

What Can I Do to Help Find Any of These People?

One thing everyone can do is look at the photos included here and read the information pertaining to the missing people. If you feel as though you may have some knowledge about anyone, reach out to the New Jersey State Police Missing Person Unit immediately.

Heartbreaking! Help Find These People Missing in South Jersey

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