Is it too early to say spooky season is officially upon us? Although many people would argue that the official start to the Halloween season doesn't commence until October 1st, I think it's safe to start celebrating now.

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No doubt, you've already broken out the Halloween decor and started to deck out your home. When do you start your Halloween movie nights? That's the more important question. There are so many great Halloween classics that are all must-watches, so how early do you have to start to make sure you can view them all before Halloween night? A new break-out that's been making its way around Facebook should help with that.

Thank you, social media gods!

Someone took it upon themselves to look up every single Halloween-related movie and track down which streaming service currently has them available for your viewing pleasure. Not sure exactly who is responsible for this, but to this person, Halloween-lovers can't thank you enough for that service.

What this person did was list every single movie that's available for you to watch right now from each streaming platform. For example, under the Netflix column, they've got listed films like The Twilight Saga, both Conjuring movies, and for the kids, Monster House and Paranorman.

Not only has this nixed half of the work for Halloween-enthusiasts, but the time that's now been saved by not having to scroll through each and every streaming network takes one more thing off of the nerves.

To the person who took it upon themselves to do this for us, we Halloween-lovers salute you.

Source: Facebook

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