Throughout the day yesterday, and even the days before, we heard about the big storm coming our way.

Our local paper, "The Press of Atlantic City" always does a good job covering these types of things, but they, apparently, are required by "The Code of Newspapers" to include certain photos to accompany their storm stories.

Like the photo above. A man buying a shovel. According to the caption, that man is Jay Straughn, of Galloway. The photo was part of the paper's coverage of the oncoming storm.

My questions: Hey, Jay, what happened to your other shovel? It's already snowed like 20 times this winter - and, now, you've decided you need a new shovel? Didn't you have another shovel? Did you lose it? Was it stolen? Did it just plain wear out?

I'm sure you wondered the same thing right?

Now, go make some french toast....


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