New Jersey has about 113 breweries with amazing beers, but the one thing I don't think any of our local breweries have is cans featuring shelter dogs. There is a trend among some breweries around the country to put a dog who is looking for a forever home on their cans. I love this idea!

Motorworks Brewing in Florida and Fargo Brewing in North Dakota have both partnered with local shelters to feature dogs that are looking for a forever home. New Jersey breweries, take notes this is a great way to help animals.

As of 2017 there were 106 shelters and pounds in the state. There are plenty of adorable adoptable dogs to go around. Why stop at dogs? Cats, small furry friends, bird, reptiles, the list can go on and on.

Proceeds of the beer with the shelter dog labels on them can go to whichever animal shelter that brewery partners with. Motorworks Brewing sells just the labels online since they can't ship the beer, but people still want to show support.

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You're welcome for the great idea.

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