One word to describe the past few years? ROUGH.

That's probably an understatement for those residing in the Garden State. Think about it. For one, New Jersey and the surrounding regions were some of those worst hit with the coronavirus pandemic. That lead to the state's economy essentially shutting down and collapsing for almost two years.

Is the Garden State even seeing an improvement now? Sure, some experts will present you with facts about how Jersey's bouncing back. For NJ's residents, though, they may have a different opinion. How stressed are New Jerseyans? That answer depends on where and who you ask.

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According to a recent survey, however, it turns out that the Garden State really isn't too worried about much when compared to the rest of the good old' U-S-of-A. Can't make this up, either. So, if you're a New Jersey resident, don't shoot the messenger.

A new study has compared stress levels between the fifty states and has determined that New Jersey falls within the list of the top ten LEAST STRESSED states in America. If you find an error with that, again, don't be mad at us. Check it out HERE for yourself.

Apparently, due to the fact that the Garden State has some of the lowest divorce rates in the country combined with some of the lowest crime rates, people that live in Jersey are doing better than most. Does that mean NJ people should consider themselves lucky? Apparently so.

If Jersey is to take away anything from this recent study, maybe it's that things could be worse. I guess that's supposed to be comforting.


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