The days of cozy sweater weather and chilly, mysterious nights have arrived! That's right, it's fall! Oh, and we're sure the leaves have already begun to pile up on your yard.

If spending your weekend raking leaves sounds scarier than a walk through a haunted corn maze, we have the perfect solution for you! There are actually ways to rake these beautiful nuisances - without actually raking at all.

For the procrastinators like myself (or should I say, innovators?), here are some alternatives to using a rake.

  • Credit: ThinkStock
    Credit: ThinkStock

    Leaf Blower

    This is the common go-to item when you don't feel like raking. Be sure to have plenty of gas because your leaf blower is going to be on full blast for a while! If you have a powerful electric leaf blower, this could work too. Hey, no wonder why they call it a leaf blower!

  • Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
    Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    Lawn Mower

    This may seem like a silly idea, but it's my personal favorite technique to get rid of leaves quickly.

    Set your bagged riding mower blade slightly above your leaves. This will allow your mower to "suck" in the leaves from the blades propelling. Now don't be scared if your leaves are a chopped up mess instead of disappearing. If this is the case, simply repeat the process until all leaves are gone.

  • Credit: ThinkStock
    Credit: ThinkStock

    Hire the Neighborhood

    This could seem like cheating, but if you don't own a lawn mower or leaf blower - or simply too overwhelmed with life already (I didn't say lazy!), you can ask your nearby neighbors for assistance.

    Adults may not be interested, but the neighborhood kids could sure use a few extra dollars to save for their special something!

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