So far so good for South Jersey! Not so great for the Carolinas'...

The predictions about Hurricane Florence's landfall are, so far, all pointing to somewhere in either North or South Carolina. This is great news for South Jersey. They're only calling for heavy rainfall in the Northeast, similar to what the region's dealing with currently as the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon continue into the morning.

The National Weather Service is still encouraging all of the East Coast to remain on high alert and be prepared for anything. As South Jersey residents well know, the storm's path could shift at any moment over the next few days.

Accuweather shows that Florence is projected to make landfall sometime early Thursday morning, so New Jersey will experience precipitation Thursday evening into Friday. Conditions could get hairy directly along the coastline.


Depending on the circumstances, be sure to give yourself plenty of time if traveling is necessary during periods of excessive rainfall and high-mile winds.

If the storm continues as projected, NJ shouldn't have too much damage. But, again, you never know with Mother Nature, so it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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