Here's an interesting "What If" game.  The woman in the picture is an actress - chosen at random.

Her name is Julie Bowen. She's had a successful career, having appeared in television shows such as "Modern Family", " Dawson's Creek", "Ed", and "Boston Eagle." You might remember her from the movies, like "Happy Gilmore", "Multiplicity", and "Horrible Bosses."

She's 50 years old, but don't focus on that. Focus on her photo above, taken when she was 43-years-old.

We want to know, based on that photo, if she was from South Jersey, what city or town what she be from?

(For the record, she's from Maryland.)

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Again, based on only that photo, for this game, where in South Jersey would she be from.

(Miss Bowen, if this gets to you, I'm not picking on you, I just randomly selected an American actress and you came up.)

Please take our poll and let us know. Does she look like Galloway? Linwood? Margate? Dennisville? Millville?

Thanks for playing along!

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