It's almost time yet again.

The second annual Barefoot Country Music Festival is getting ready to pop off this week on the Wildwood beach. People from all over the Delaware Valley and beyond are gearing up for one of the biggest country music festivals on the East coast that takes place right here in South Jersey.

As you can imagine, a lot of planning and preparation goes into making all the concerts on the South Jersey beaches successful events. There are so many moving parts that, obviously, take a lot of time, effort, and money to set in place. It's all to ensure everyone in attendance has a safe and enjoyable experience.

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It's really cool to watch the whole thing take shape. In just a few short days, a section of one of South Jersey's most popular beaches its transformed into, basically, a mini city that becomes home base for concert-goers for a whole four days. To watch it go from a strip of sand to a festival venue is pretty amazing.

You can't help but give kudos to everyone working so hard to bring this thing to life.

As of Monday morning, crews hit the Wildwood beach to start setting up for the four-day concert event that kicks off this Thursday. Video was captured and shared to social media of the progress they have made so far. You can check out how the set-up is coming along below.

The Barefoot Country Music Festival is set to kick off Thursday, June 16th and run through Sunday, June 19th in Wildwood.

Source: Instagram

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