I can’t believe I’m already 4.5 months into my Invisalign journey to my best smile with Lakeview Dental Care!

My smile has changed so much since we first started and even with my busy summer schedule, I was able to stay on track.

Halloween and the holidays are coming up, so I’m bracing myself to be busy as ever! But, with Lakeview Dental Care’s convenient hours and the awesome support from all the staff, I will stay right on schedule with my treatment. The holidays are a crazy time for everyone, but when you choose Lakeview Dental Care, you’ll be able to score an appointment so easily at one of their five convenient locations throughout South Jersey. What I’m most looking forward to seeing is a brand new smile in my Christmas pictures!

I’m currently on my 9th set of trays, with 6 more to go! With the constant talk of how easy they are to remove, I’m going to show you how quick and simple the process is. Check it out below:

Looking forward to this month’s progress. LET’S GET IT!!! Thanks, Lakeview Dental Care!