For several years I've been hearing about, witnessing, and reading up on proposed changes to baseball.

The game is too slow, games take forever, and new fans aren't flocking to the game.

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Well, I have a RADICAL plan, that I'm sure just needs to get into the right hands, and it will be implemented overnight!

Let me begin by saying I LOVE BASEBALL. As a kid I did and as an adult I do. My one regret in life is that in high school I chose to quit playing baseball to focus on tennis. Tennis! What a jerk I was!

Now, there have been many talked about changes - most centering around pitching - Limit pitching changes, put a limit on time between pitches, move the mound back, etc.

The changes, though, really don't touch the part the really bogs down the game: the forever changing of the offense and defense. One team runs off the field, the other team runs on the field. Three outs. One team runs off the field, the other team runs off on the field.

In a 9 inning game, that's like 18 field changes, right? Assuming each change takes 2 minutes, that's more than a half hour for the fan of just sitting there watching guys (or girls) running on and off the field and throwing baseballs around!

As I mentioned my idea is radical. I believe though, it will cut down on the down time, and probably increase scoring too. Yes, true fans can watch a 1-0 game and be pleased, but the new fan like excitement, likes scoring.

Baseball has always been about the numbers, specifically 3s and 9s. Three outs, nine innings.

My change is radical because it throws those numbers out.

Here we go.

*Get rid of 3 out and 9 innings. Instead, it's seven innings. Wait, there's more.

*In each of the first 5 innings, each side gets 5 outs. FIVE! That's going to increase scoring, you betcha! Longer innings, more runners on base, more chances to score.

There will also be slightly less down time of one team running off the field, the other team running on....

Wait, I said 7 innings, what about the other two.

*Here's another radical move. All innings aren't alike. The last two innings, just two outs a side. It's like a built in overtime or penalty kick. It's now or never in the 6th and 7th!

In the end, it's still 27 outs, it's just different.

Mike Trout, I know you're reading this - what do you think? How about coming on our morning show to discuss? I'm waiting to hear from you!

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