Just another police officer doing her job.

Atlantic City Police got an assist from Police K-9 Roxy, as they arrested 5 juvenile boys who were found riding around Atlantic City in a stolen car.

Police say Tuesday Night, Sergeant Michael Arroyo spotted a car that had been reported stolen earlier in the evening. They were able to conduct a traffic stop, but when they did, the 15 year old driver ran away. According to police,  "Officers George Mancuso and Robert Reynolds began to chase the male but lost sight of him. K9 Officer Marinela Pali with her partner Roxy began a search for the male starting from the abandoned vehicle. Roxy led the officers as she tracked the male to a fenced in yard in the 2700 block of Monterrey Avenue. The male surrendered at the sight of Roxy and was taken into custody without incident."

The other four boys remained in the vehicle.

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