If it seems like you're shooing ladybugs out of your house constantly over the last few days, you're not alone.

I, for one, had at least six in my entryway alone just this afternoon. It feels like they're taking over! So, why is everyone in South Jersey complaining about what seems to be an influx of ladybugs over the last few weeks?

The ladybug infestation is currently being felt by most households in the South Jersey region. This isn't the first time, either. So, why are they here and what can we do about it?

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As it turns out, there's a reason the bugs that are believed to bring good luck are taking over.

If you're started to become frustrated with the overwhelming number of them that seem to have taken up residence inside your home, first of all, take a breath. Luckily, they're nothing you have to worry about.

For one, ladybugs don't usually lay eggs indoors. Basically, they're just trying to make themselves comfy and cozy somewhere that they can survive the winter months. That doesn't help, though, when there's SO MANY of them. While they're pretty when it's just one or two of them, finding ten or more in one room alone is enough to make anyone a tad squeamish.

So, what can you do? One tip from most pest control experts is to simply vacuum more. You don't have to kill them. If you have a vacuum canister that can be easily removed and emptied, just vacuum them up and dump the canister outside.

Ladybugs don't carry disease or present any other negative consequences other than just the minor inconvenience of their presence. So, they're nothing to worry about. Just keep the vacuum handy, and you shouldn't see the problem persist once the winter months take over.

On the other hand, Asian Lady Beetles are the look-a-like cousins of the ladybug. Again, there isn't too much to worry about with them. There has been a lot of misinformation spread about these ladybug cousins, but overall, they're not going to destroy your life. Do these guys bite? Yes, but they're not going to hurt you. They're not life-threatening nor do they really hurt. Another bit of misinformation that's been spread about the Asian Lady Beetle is that they reproduce while in your home. According to the experts at Michigan State University, that is untrue.

So, you might find some of them in your home, too. The Asian Lady Beetle isn't anything to worry about, either. They can cause an odor if stepped on and leave behind a yellow stain, but other than that, they're more a nuisance than anything. Don't believe everything you read on Facebook before doing your own research.

To learn more about the Asian Lady Beetle, click HERE.

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