Thought spring was supposed to warm the weather up a bit? Apparently, not this week.

It's been a chilly start to spring for the northeast. In fact, certain areas in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been experiencing snow squalls over the last few days. Snow squalls aren't just your average snowstorm, either. They can be quite dangerous due to the high winds and low visibility that usually accompanies them.

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That, most definitely, proved to be the case in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley this week. A snow squall was so bad that drivers couldn't even see a mere few feet ahead. That resulted in a catastrophic multi-car and truck pile-up on I-81. Multiple sources have reported that over fifty cars and trucks were involved in a crash that has claimed more than one life. The exact number of deaths has yet to be confirmed.

PA state troopers are keeping people updated on the status of clean-up via Twitter. It's from there that we know the number of causalities is still unknown.

Someone whose vehicle was involved in the accident whipped out their phone and started to film as tragedy struck over and over again with each car and tractor trailer that crashed. The videos eventually were shared to social media.

The videos show the cars and trucks slamming into the pile-up one after another, with survivors watching helplessly as it happens.

***PLEASE NOTE: The videos below may be disturbing to some viewers***

Clean-up from this horrific scene will, obviously, take longer than the average accident. Updates are being released as authorities learn more about all involved.

This HORRIFIC seen proves why we should ALL actually listen when they say not to drive in the snow. Sure, some things will never close down due to bad weather, but maybe they should. Or, maybe people should just heed the warnings. Regardless, this situation is beyond devastating for all involved.

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