A local man who taught baseball to generations of youngsters was found lying in his bed bloodied and beaten Tuesday.

BreakingAC reports that Bobby Woods Sr., 70, of Margate was allegedly beaten severely with a golf club. Breaking AC says "His son, Robert Woods Jr., was arrested early Wednesday morning, and is in the Atlantic County Justice Facility on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, endangering an injured victim and weapons offenses."

Also from BreakingAC: "The senior Woods suffered a fractured skull, bruising to the back, abrasions to the head and back, and lacerations to the head,neck and hands."

Breaking AC reports:

The younger Woods' former girlfriend alerted police, after finding the the senior Woods in his second-floor bedroom.She told investigators that she had talked to Woods Jr. earlier in the day about a package that had arrived at the Bayside Court home, and he told her he was there.But when she arrived, she found bloody pants on the second floor that she positively identified as belonging to the younger Woods.Upstairs, she found Woods Sr. on his bed. Outside the room was a bloody golf club that was consistent with the victim's injuries, according to the affidavit.Woods Sr. was intubated at an undisclosed hospital, the report said.

Woods taught and coached youngsters throughout the area for 40=years via his Booby Woods Clinics and more. According to his online bio on his website, Woods played for the Chicago Cubs organization. The local native return to the area where he coached youth and high school teams, and even on the college level.

On the Woods website, Woods Sr. has this to say about his son: "My son Robert,  an award- winning filmmaker from New York University and myself created our first baseball and softball instructional DVD, titled “Mom Can You Teach Me How To Hit?” filmed in New York City's Central Park through the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. We  followed with the release of “Down Broadway: Pitching AND Catching Techniques For The Modern Player, and are currently in production on the third installment of the series “The Glove”."



SOURCE: BreakingAC

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