It's been a busy season for car burglars in South Jersey.

A number of local police departments have been reminding local residents to keep their car doors locked and to not leave valuables in their cars. Oh, and don't leave your KEYS in your car.

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Unfortunately, not all are heeding the advice of police.

In Longport, police had an eventful encounter early Tuesday morning.

Police say that just before 1:30am they received a call about some suspicious people in the North Pelham Avenue. An anonymous caller said three people were seen trying to open car door handles.

Within minutes of the call, officers were in the area, and witnessed three people getting into a vehicle. Police did a quick check and learned that car - a Ford Focus - had been reported stolen out of Washington Township.

Police say they saw the three people run from the car, and they've not been caught. However, police say two teen boys were found inside the stolen vehicle and were taken into custody.

Later in the morning, about 7am,  Longport Police say they received a call about another stolen vehicle. According to police, the owner said the car "was believed to have been taken sometime between 1:00-1:30am. Keys were reported to have been inside the vehicle at the time it was taken." That vehicle was a BMW X1 SUV.

Police say one of the juveniles they apprehended was charged in the case and has been released pending a court appearance. The other boy "released to his parents by order of the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office Legal Advisor." (Whatever that means....)

Police say their investigation is ongoing.

REMINDER: Look your car and take your keys!

SOURCE: Longport Police Department.

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