Multiple Atlantic County Facebook pages have been alerted of two lost dogs found roaming various streets within the region.

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First up is a little guy found walking on Route 206 in the Hammonton/Shamong area near Atsion Lake. Luckily, a good Samaritan has taken temporary custody of the dog until the owners can be located and notified. Unfortunately, this little one isn't microchipped, so it may make tracking down the owner somewhat more difficult.

Megan Mozitis via Atlantic County Lost and Found Pets Facebook Group

Another gorgeous pup was spotted, this time in Egg Harbor Township. By the looks of it, someone's missing their beautiful Belgian Melanois. He was found near the Walgreens on Ocean Heights Avenue. The police were notified and came to take custody of the dog. The person who found the dog was able to take a picture and share it to the lost pet Facebook page.

Audi Leigh via the Atlantic County Lost and Found Pets Facebook Group

If you live in EHT and your pup is missing, make sure to reach out to Egg Harbor Township police.

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