Tell the guys to wait five more minutes ladies, because, guess what? You're improving your mental health by putting on your makeup.

Gone are the days of being guilted into not putting on our lashes. Tell your husband/fiance/boyfriend to take a chill pill. After all, you're working on your well-being over here!

Studies have determined that applying makeup gives the brain a task to focus on, thus calming states of anxiety and depression. explains that makeup application is a ritual that forces the mind to concentrate on specific actions and ideas. For example, you normally know how you want your makeup to look for the day, therefore you're focused on achieving that specific look, thus silencing the mind of anxious wandering thoughts.

Makeup is also a creative outlet for so many people. It's one way of taking control of something in a safe and constructive way. also expresses how makeup soothes those with social anxiety, allowing those who suffer from it to express to the world who they are or what they want the world to see.

So basically, when you walk into Sephora and experience the overwhelmingly amazing feeling of power and excitement, there's science behind that. Who knew?

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