Winter 2022 has come and gone. Now, it's time for South Jersey to warm up!

With the coming of summer, the school year will soon start to wind down. Sooner rather than later, the kids will wrap the current school year and the teens will be out and about living up that special time of year that is summer in South Jersey.

While parents, of course, want their kids to enjoy their summer, I'm assuming they're not opposed to their teens putting some of that free time to good use. When I say "good use", I'm referring to making that time profitable. Cue the South Jersey summer job search!

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Luckily, there are a bunch of places kids in Atlantic and Cape May Counties have to choose from to make a couple dollars during the summer months. Obviously, the best jobs are the ones that still allow for some relaxation and time in the sunshine. As it turns out, kids on the mainland don't necessarily have to make the trek out to the beach towns to score a job like that.

The Township of Hamilton put out an alert regarding a pretty excellent job opportunity for local teens sixteen and older that would allow them plenty of time outdoors. The Cove beach in Mays Landing is currently accepting applications for the 2022 summer season. They're also searching for beach tag checkers!

The team pushed out a flyer that includes all the information you'd need to apply. Check it out:

The Township of Hamilton
The Township of Hamilton

Make sure to forward this along to anyone you think would be interested!

Let's get this summer started!


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