This one's for parents in Cumberland County. Hope you're ready for another schedule change, because both you AND the kids have a swift one coming your way.

It's been announced that schools in Millville will switch to a half a day schedule due to all of the recent teaching and staff shortages experienced by the district. That seems to be the case all throughout the state as the coronavirus pandemic presses on here in New Jersey. The Omicron variant has been sweeping through the area and now, in this section of Cumberland County, they're feeling the impact.

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Luckily, only the middle school and two high schools will be on that schedule. The elementary schools will remain on the current schedule.

Millville's superintendent recently told that the district doesn't have enough substitute teachers to keep up with staff members that have to take time off due to COVID. Hopefully, with coronavirus rates dropping in New Jersey, the district won't face this problem too much longer. Sources even report that some schools in the state that chose to switch to virtual learning after the holidays will soon resume in-person instruction once again.

Will Millville have to continue with the half-day schedule through March? They hope not. Students are expected to remain on a half a day schedule from now through the last Friday in February (Feb. 25th), with classes set to resume in-person the following Monday.

Find out more about Millville's half-day schedule HERE.


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