Two boaters who went missing 10 days ago after setting sail out of Cape May have reportedly been found safe.

Family of 76-year-old Joe Ditomasso and 65-year-old Kevin Hyde must have been so relieved to hear the news that the men somehow got lost out in the Atlantic Ocean but were alive.

The boaters lost track of their course on their way from Cape May to Florida, and ended up more than 200 miles of the coast of Delaware, reports.

The 30-foot sailboat "Atrevida II" had run out of fuel and power, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, leaving Ditomasso and Hyde with no radio or navigation system.

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The men reportedly last communicated with family and friends while near North Carolina on December 3rd after departing Cape Mays Utsch's Marina two days after Thanksgiving.

The vessel was spotted by a tanker named "Silver Muna" and the men were taken aboard and offered assistance, according to U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic. Also found with Joe and Kevin was a dog named Minnie that went sailing with them.

The boaters were reportedly taken to a New York hospital out of an abundance of caution, but are okay and will soon be reunited with family.

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