The iconic board game based on the streets of Atlantic City is in for a change.

Hasbro is asking fans to go to their Monopoly Facebook page and vote on which token to retire, and which new token to take its place. (Goodbye, thimble!)

Hasbro want to replace one of the tokens with one of the following: robot, ring, guitar, helicopter, or cat.

Assuming the cat doesn't stand for Cat Country 107.3, none of these make much sense.

Wait! I guess a robot could symbolize all of the casino jobs being lost to automation systems. A ring could stand for all the rings being pawned for cash in the city.

I do have some better ideas. Tokens that might more symbolize modern day Atlantic City. Here are my ideas:

* A corrupt politician! I'm not sure in who's image this would be. Too many to choose from.

*A gun. No explaination necessary.

*Donald Trump's hair.

*An empty lot, signifying a bull-dozed casino and empty promises.

*A crown with wings. Miss America flew the coupe.

*A cell phone. Or, just use your own.