Sorry dads, but your leeway is ceasing henceforth.

In English, that means that gone are the days when dads can use the excuse "But, you can handle so much more than me" in an effort to get out of responsibilities at home. A new survey recently shows that a male's and a female's ability to multitask is exactly the same. The information being spread about women as the "multitasking gender" has been reduced to a myth.

Motherly, a blog dedicated to shining light on the trials, tribulations, and highlights of motherhood, recently published a blog that explains the survey's findings. The study proved that women aren't better multitaskers, they're just expected to do more based on outdated and archaic societal standards.

When women multitask, the duties they're attending to are, apparently, more strenuous then those duties that males focus on. Women admit they tend to take on more of the household chores and responsibility for the children while men multitask in areas that benefit themselves.

Motherly reports that included in men's realm of multitasking are tasks that are beneficial for the sake of self-care. Women always report feeling underappreciated and misunderstood for all they do. Now, we know why.

It's because they are. They're not better at multitasking than their male counterparts. They are just forced to. Society tells them it's their job to handle it, not the man's.

Listen... don't shoot the messenger. Just reporting on the study, here. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself HERE.

Maybe, it's time we give credit where credit's due. Also, ladies... you have to hand over some of that responsibility. It can be hard because we want feel comfortable living in the facade bubble that is us constantly saying we've got everything handled. Truth is, we could use the help. In order to receive help, you have to be open to it. So, if your partner is willing to step up and take some things off your plate, then perfect. If your partner is not willing to help out more, then that's an issue for another day.

Time to hand off some responsibilities, ladies.

Bottom line: It's dad's turn.


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