This Daily Dose of Good goes out to our buddy Brian from Absecon--a Navy vet an active member of his church and volunteer for many causes for those less fortunate. But now it's Brian who is in need.  The story starts back in June of 2014 when he entered a hospital for a routine bunion surgery.

After returning home to heal, it quickly came to the Doctors medical attention that Brian had contracted MRSA (a bacterial infection).

His infection from MRSA ran rampant and obviously caused many life threatening complications. At many points, family, friend and even Brian were very scared for his life and each time they operated, there was a huge risk of more complications .

Through the next year Brian had seven surgeries to control the infection in his foot and almost a year in rehab. But unfortunately, Brian's foot continued to get worse and a partial amputation of his foot was needed.

And just when you thought things couldn't get worse, as Brian was learning how to walk again after the amputation, he fell and shattered his ankle.

As the pain progresses and the nights get more sleepless--Brian continues, as always, to have a positive attitude and pushes through all the set backs!

Now three years later, after consulting with many doctors, the only option for a Brian to enjoy a better quality of life is for a below the knee amputation of his leg--which happened just 4 days ago

The family has created a GoFundMe Page for Brian as his surgery will be emotional, physically and financially draining. In addition to all that,  he still has MRSA  which is a life long infection that must be paid close attention to.

The family hopes that with this GoFundMe, Brian will be able to hire a nurse to visit periodically to handle the care that he needs to be sure this situation is maintained.

It's time that we give someone who has always been a helping hand...a helping hand.   So ... let's get Brian walking again! No donation is too small ... it takes a village and the family thanks you in advance!

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