Tis the season of giving. Isn't that what they say?

Here in South Jersey, we have some pretty big hearts. Well, they're being called upon again to help out a veteran of the United States Navy currently in Atlantic City who's looking to go south for Christmas.

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Our friends at South Jersey Gas informed us of a man, Daniel Gleason, who is in need of some gas money to head to Atlanta where he intends to spend the holiday season. Gleason isn't just asking for money for himself either. In fact, his story about how he even made to Atlantic City is pretty interesting. Gleason, the Navy Veteran, started his journey from Chicago because he was awarded veteran housing in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did he wind up in Atlantic City if he's supposed to be in Atlanta? Gleason, apparently, is a service dog trainer. He trains dogs for wounded veterans. He was headed to Atlantic City to pick up two shelter dogs to train for the veterans. Unfortunately, Gleason didn't make it to South Jersey without issue. He got into a car accident with his rental car and used his main source of income at the moment to purchase a car to get him and the dogs the rest of the way to Atlanta.

Now, he's not able to afford the necessary amount of gas it'll take to get him from Atlantic City to Georgia. Gleason has reached out to numerous organizations for help, but so far, nothing. The folks over at South Jersey Gas tell us that he'll only need about $220 in gas to make it the rest of the way.

If you're feeling charitable this holiday season and wish to help out a veteran in need, you can reach out to Anne Michaelson from the American Red Cross at 973-699-2459.

The above information was provided by South Jersey Gas via a press release from David Vinokurov, Customer Outreach Specialist.

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