South Jersey will soon to thrust into the spotlight once again as two veterans working at South Jersey Industries were chosen to be featured on a TV show airing on the Lifetime network.

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According to a press release sent out by South Jersey Industries, the veterans chosen will be featured on a show called "Military Makeover: Operation Career". Legendary talk-show host Montel Williams will be at the helm. Based on the show's description, it sounds like it's one that's long overdue as it is set to dive into a process that few civilians ever get to see. It's a foreign process to civilians how exactly those in the military transfer back to normal life once discharged.

That's exactly the process this show will highlight.

The veterans from South Jersey Industries chosen to appear on the show are Cristina Fernandez and Rich DeRose, both of whom have served in the Army National Guard. You'll be able to follow along with their individual stories and learn about how exactly they were able to settle back into civilian life post military service.

Currently, Cristina Fernandez is employed as and administrative service manager for South Jersey Gas (a division of South Jersey Industries) while Rich DeRose is a Senior Government Affairs Specialist. Together, the pair formed a team within SJI that addresses issues that are specific to SJI's veteran community of employees and strategizes the best ways to solve them.

You can tune in to "Military Makeover: Operation Career" on January 29th and February 4th on the Lifetime Network. Get more details HERE.

This information was forwarded to this organization via a press release from South Jersey Industries.

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