If you're a current Netflix subscriber, get ready for a higher bill over the next few months.

Netflix just announced its highest price increase in history. Their most basic package has jumped from $8 to $9. Their standard package (the most popular one) has gone up two dollars. jumping from $11 to $13.

CNN.com reports the change will effect new customers immediately while current customers can expect to see a change to their bills in the following months.

The price increase is great news for investors though, since the Netflix stock has grown to 6%.

Some critics are predicting a decrease in Netflix subscribers over the next few months citing too much content without enough substance. However, that seems highly unlikely considering the service just picked up a bunch of Golden Globe awards earlier this month. CNN also reports that there's Oscar predictions surrounding the Netflix film 'Roma'.

Also, the subscriber stats just don't add up to a future loss for them. Netflix confirmed a total of 137 million global subscribers last quarter. With the success of Bird Box, it seems unlikely that subscriptions will decrease.

For the full price breakdown, click HERE!

Source: CNN.com

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