This is the kind of story that keeps people playing the lottery: a Newark man who won $2,00,000 on a scratch off in 2017 just won another $250,000 on another scratch off.

According to RLS Media, a man the New Jersey Lottery only identifies as “Freddie R.” won on a Platinum Diamond Spectacular Scratch off; he hit the jackpot for a cool $2 million.

Apparently that wasn’t enough free money for him, because he told Lottery officials that he intended to keep playing; this time, RLS Media reports that he bought tickets for a bunch of different games, including the $250,000 Crossword game. He got down to his last two tickets; the second to last one was worth $50 and the last one he scratched hit the jackpot of $250,000. reports that he bought the winning ticket a C-Town Supermarket in Newark. No word on if he’s going to keep playing, but I’m going to assume he will.

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