No surprise here that we've been engaging in a lot more screen time ever since coronavirus took over the world as we know it.

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What else are we supposed to do in quarantine? It's, for sure, the quickest way to satisfy our boredom. If they hadn't before the quarantine was imposed upon us, screens certainly account for a huge portion of our free time now. They basically control our lives. Zoom, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams - screens have now evolved into necessities that we rely on in almost every aspect of our lives.

It's also no surprise to hear what the number one Google search New Jersey residents have been typing away into the world's most popular search engine. has compiled a list of every state's most popular search and, judging by the state of ours right now, Jersey's is pretty predictable.

A secret is not what you'd call how hard New Jersey's economy got hit as a result of COVID-19. In fact, it's common knowledge at this point that we were hit close to the worst, if not the actual worst in the entire country. Unemployment levels are insane and people are struggling. Therefore, the fact that New Jersey's most popular Google search is "virtual interviews" won't come as a shock to most residents.

What's crazy is the evidence Zippia's information provides as to just how bad NJ's economy has suffered. When compared to other states like Oklahoma and Wyoming whose most common searches are "chicken nuggets" and "hot wings", it's pretty clear that most New Jersey residents only have one thing on their minds and that's securing income once again.




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