Everybody loves to hate on Jersey, right?

If you were born and raised in the Garden State, chances are you're more than used to all the jokes by now. Well, today's the day you have something to throw back in all the NJ-haters' faces, fam! A new study has shown that when it comes to raising a family, New Jersey's a pretty good place to do it.

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Are you shocked by that new development? Maybe you are. However, after new information was released via a study that examined all fifty states to see how they measured up against each other in degrees of family-friendliness, you might be happy to hear that New Jersey actually made the top ten list!

According to Wallet Hub, New Jersey is the tenth best state in the entire United States to raise a family. Variables that were analyzed from all 50 states include unemployment rate, child care costs, percent of families in poverty, as well as median family income.

Source: WalletHub

Where the state really shines is when comparing our standards of education and child care to the rest of the country. In terms of both of those variables, New Jersey comes in at number one in the entire USA. That shouldn't be surprising to Jersey residents. It's never been on the down-low that NJ has some of the best schools in the nation. We must be doing something right!

Believe it or not, New Jersey also falls within the top 20 states for health and safety as well as affordability standards for the average family. The first part of that makes sense. Affordability, though? Pretty sure one of the last words used to describe the Garden State by any resident would be the term "affordable".

It's true, though. Check out the rest of the report yourself HERE.

Kudos to Jersey for getting it right for families!

Source: WalletHub.com

Apparently, NJ is affordable families, however here is one of the state's MOST EXPENSIVE homes for sale:

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The 10 free bridges from New Jersey to Pennsylvania (and vice versa!)

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission oversees many of these free crossings, and their method is one that is a foreign concept to those in charge in the Garden State. The group, which is a bi-state agency appointed by officials in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, uses revenue generated from larger, more heavily trafficked crossings to maintain the free ones.

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