There's a newly published list of the "Top 25 Roadside Attractions in the U.S." It includes two South Jersey attractions - one in Margate and one in Millville.

You can probably figure out the attraction in Margate: has a big trunk, watches over the beach, answers to the name, "Lucy." Yes, Lucy the Elephant!

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But - what roadside attraction would be in Millville that's a "must-see"? Did they erect a Mike Trout statue that we haven't heard about? Nope. has published the list of some of the country's favorite roadside attractions and sneaking in at #25 is The Museum of American Glass in Millville! Who knew?

Here's what the article says about the featured stop: "Established in 1993, the Museum of American Glass is all about glassmaking. The collection has more than 20,000 items and a library with more than 1,500 books on the subject. Items include a stained glass dollhouse, glass perfume bottles, and artistic sculptures made of glass."

Again, who knew? Not me!

Located on Glasstown Road (very appropriate!), The Museum is part of the Wheaton Arts community. You can find out more here.

Kudos to all involved! You've put Millville back on the map!

As mentioned above, Lucy the Elephant in Margate also made the list, coming in at #7. Here's what FarandWide said about our girl: "In 1882, a man named James V. Lafferty built a large elephant  just outside of Jersey City modeled after Jumbo and called it "Lucy." While it was just a real estate publicity stunt, it worked enough to get the statue National Historic Landmark status. Now, you can actually go in the elephant, climb a spiral staircase and learn about the story of the real Lucy. Lucy the Elephant is the country's oldest roadside attraction that still stands." (Pssst - I think they mean Atlantic City rather than Jersey City....)

Lucy, by the way, is just about to undergo a major renovation, and she'll be shut down for quite a while.

Thanks, FarandWide, for giving South Jersey TWO mentions in your Top 25!


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