This Daily Dose of Good is a shout out to Jersey career firefighter, Kevin Muller who is taking his services in and out of state to help support the fur babies of the world.

Credit: Kevin Muller via Facebook

He's beyond passionate about spending his own personal time and money to travel to South Carolina to become a part of the Charleston Animal Society Calendar Project.

The Charleston Animal Society was the first no kill shelter to create the movement in the Southeast where animal over population is a giant issue. In which case, Kevin is committed to traveling down to the South to make sure the calendar raises enough money to sustain the shelter's no kill status!

The money raised from the purchase of each calendar goes towards Toby's Fund, which is the non-profit medical fund which saves thousands of abused, neglected and abandoned animals every year. It allows the animal society to spay/neuter an upwards of 12,000 feral animals a year to fight the population issue. On top of that, they also adopt more than 8,000 animals a year!

Kevin just recently adopted ANOTHER pup from the animal society, and has brought the fur baby back home here in Jersey. He also works heavy with South Jersey's small animal rescue, based out of Seaville, that just recently took in a large amount of animals from the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Credit: Kevin Muller via Facebook

If you're interested in purchasing the Charleston Fire Fighter Calendar to benefit the Animal society: The $20 spread features15 rescue animals, snuggled up with 15 hunky heroes!

This beautifully photographed 2018 Calendar was made possible thanks to Firefighters from the Greater Charleston area, all the way up to Ocean City, NJ who generously gave of their time and energy to this project.

Enjoy your calendar, the perfect addition to any home or office. On behalf of the firefighters, the animal rescues, and animal lovers around the world -- we are grateful for your support!

Credit: Kevin Muller via Facebook